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About House Annunaki
Current News:
Our founder and Matriarch Elemina Constantine has returned!!
New PVP Campaigns have begun!
Join us! Ask an Officer where we will be PVPing!

We will be working towards having more events and continue to be a great social guild to be apart of. As always, our members come first. Remember, give away your bites for free. Anyone caught selling bites will be removed from the guild without appeal.

House Annunaki is a Vampire Only House in the world of Tamriel. Our focus is fun and exciting game play with a bit of RP fun. We are VAMPIRES ONLY GUILD part of the Ebonheart Pact.
We are currently recruiting for all positions. You must be a Vampire or be willing to be turned. We have a set of rules in place based on guild activity and participation that will allow us to chose who we allow to have The Dark Gift. Those rules can be found in full detail in our forums.
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