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re: Bite The World Official Information


Hello! Welcome to the House Annunaki Website. You have probably come here looking to find more information about our Bite The World event. Well here it is. If you have any questions please feel free to email @Kuthel in game.

Bite the world is an event House Annunaki has hosted since 2014. We host this event a few times a year in order to help spread free vampire bites across Tamriel. The event is hosted in Riften, and held at the docks for 7 days, covering a total of 168 hours of game time. 

Bite the world has garnered us some major attention over the years. From Bethesda / Zenimax themselves and PC Gamer magazine, as well as lots of other sources. We even earned our own page on the official ESO Gamepedia Wiki. We were the first guild to ever be covered in the Tamriel Chronicle, which spawned the idea of them featuring a guild every month. Our reddit posts and official forum posts garnered over 10 million views, and we quickly became the "go to" Vampire guild in ESO. All of this of course was not without its own set of difficulties, but we have decided to try it again and bring Bite The World back to ESO. Our last even we converted over 5000 players to vampires. This is the largest ever player run event in ESO History.

We decided to do this event once every few months in order to help to counteract the price gouging and scamming associated with Vampire bites. There is nothing you have to do but show up for the event in order to get a bite. We do not require you to join House Annunaki, but you may do so if you wish. 

The event will be help at The Riften Docks from May 1st to May 7th 2017, this is our 3rd anniversary of the event, and we will be hosting a huge party! Just come to the Riften docks to get your name on the list. Once you are on the list we will contact you when your bite is ready, and get you all set up.


We are currently seeking affiliate guilds and players that are interested in helping the cause. We are seeking players from all factions, and countries around the world to join us in giving away free bites. If you wish to host your own Bite The World event, or take part in ours please send an in game mail to @Kuthel. We would love to have your help in spreading the dark gift all over Tamriel

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