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re: I don't think I've introduced myself...


Sil'os Kett(Name self given, real name scribbled out)

Level: 25 (as of 4-5-15)

Age: 65

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Profession: Alchemist


Let me just start by saying, I'm someone different than I used to be. You see, I'm running away.

I was once a noble for a great House, or at least the son of it's leader. Day in and out, I was forced to stay indoors and study, for one day I'd have to lead this great House as well. Tiring of seeing the same field outside my window for decades, I take some supplies from our stores and head out on my own way. The world's filled with vile creatures, treacherous terrain, and deceitful people. I cowered my way to Riften, seeking shelter with one I had heard my father speak of.

That's when I found this group. I was lounging around the inn when I saw them. They wore black intimidating robes, but there was something comforting about their eyes, almost hypnotic. One of them approached, a grin spreading across their face. They told me they could help me. Could shelter me and give me a family. Help me become something more. It didn't take me ten seconds to decide. If I was to be my own person, I had to open myself to any opportunity.

I was nervous the whole walk out of town. My new companion spoke of the greatness of his family, how they've taken care of him. I couldn't wait to meet this wonderful group. That's when the pain hit me. It hurt more than anything I've ever experienced before and since. And just as soon as it started, I couldn't feel anything. At all. But then, something rose out. Something that had never washed over me with that kind of intensity... Hunger. I was introduced to our Mother and she promptly allowed me to feast. At this point, I'd never taken another life before, but without a moment's hesitation, I was upon my first meal.

The kill itself was not as exciting as I had thought, but it was what was next that surprised me. With no prior knowledge, I lifted the near lifeless man with some dark magic, and drained the lifeblood from him. The feeling is something I cannot put into words, but I knew in that instant that I liked where I was heading. I did emerge something more. I stand before you as a brother. An ally. Call upon me when you will, as I am ready and able to assist. For the blood!

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