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re: The Intro and Story of an Outcast Werewolf


Hey everyone, I've been in the guild for about a week now but I just never got around to posting my character's story. So as I'm out of character right now, heya :P I'm Xecta. I'm a Veteran level Templar healer.


Xecta's Story:

This story begins with the birth of a child on a full moon. Why a full moon? Well how else would a werewolf child be delivered? Oh, I forgot to mention that didn't I? The child is also female. Well anyways, the child, Xecta was given life into the beautiful world of Tamriel. When werewolves mate, they can still create children if the sper--you get the idea, right? They can mate. When they do, the child that they create will be born with the ability to metamorphosis into a humanoid wolf form. There's no infecting or ritual needing to be done, the kid is just straight up created as a werewolf. Convenient, eh? Well no.

When the child became of age where she'd be able to morph, she couldn't do it. No matter what her clan tried, they couldn't forcefully put her into her wolf form. The clan's council decided to test if this child was even a werewolf by making a minor cut on her arm with a pure silver blade. In case you didn't know, werewolves are incredibly weak to silver. If Xecta was a werewolf, then she would have had a burning cut rather than just a bleeding wound. As a surprise to the council, Xecta only bled and did not burn as they expected. She was not a werewolf. 

An incident like this has never happened in the clan's history, they were oblivious in how to proceed with the issue at hand. Xecta's incredibly enraged mother and father, grabbed Xecta by the hair and pulled her all the way back to their hut, throwing her inside all while yelling at her to explain how much of an abomination and failure she was. Xecta overheard her mother and father talking about what to do, and when she heard their decision to end her life she quickly ran out of the hut and made her way out of the clan's territory. She didn't leave quietly though. She was chased all the way into Riften at an hour where monsters prowled the outer walls of the city.

Xecta knew that her clan would find a way into the city without being noticed by a guard. So she panicked and ran into the nearest building. This building came as a surprise to Xecta as she has never seen such a structure. Tall walls, glass windows, an alter that didn't have a human heart on it. A priestess walked up to the frightened child and asked her what's wrong but she was afraid to tell her about her werewolf family coming after her. This woman did not care that Xecta did not answer her, so she picked her up and carried her down into the housing area below the church. As the women walked into her room with Xecta in her arms, she told Xecta her name and that she was going to protect Xecta from whatever she was afraid of. The woman asked the child "Would you like to become a Templar, little one? You'll be able to stay here as long as you'd like and practice the holy study of god." As Xecta was a child, she said yes as she didn't see any other option.

A couple of years go by and Xecta reaches the age of 18. At this age, Templar's were to learn a very powerful spell that banishes all evil, or at least heavily damages them. The priestess that raised Xecta brought her out to an open field where she taught her this spell. It didn't take her too long to master it, she was a quick learner after all. After a successful day of training, the two adult women make their way back to Riften. Suddenly, a pack of mysterious hooded people attack the two of them and focus down the priestess, pinning her down and...what? They didn't stab or slice the priestess, the bit into her neck and literally ripped her throat out while she was alive, drinking her blood in front of Xecta. She tried to run, but was snared by one of the bloodsucking persons and pinned to the ground. This person seemed to be a man as he opened his mouth in preparation of killing Xecta, but he just smiled and said "No...this one seems special. The dark mother will be pleased having someone like this on our side". The man grabbed a knife from his side and made a small cut on his arm, and then a similar sized cut on Xecta's. The bloodfiend leaked blood into the wound of Xecta in order to turn her into a vampire quicker than a normal bite would. Suddenly the thoughts of drinking blood rushed into Xecta's head, making her hungry for a human's sweet nectar. By the time Xecta snapped and was able to focus, the priestess was completely dead and the other vampires were gone, leaving this new vampire alone and hungry for her first meal.

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