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re: Good Evening


Nice story good read & of course I like my parts in it . :)


Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody the power, the other to crave it. -Darth Bane
Kheldor Gwenwynig

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re: Good Evening


Well met all.  My vampire character is Kheldor ibn Gwenwynig, who is a shady character by all accounts and a nightblade by trade.  He's actually a pretty good guy, but keeps that secret from being revealed.  He goes by Khel for those that he considers friends and comrades, and those that don't usually just call him "..oh shi...!" 


Khel is a contradiction for a lot of people when they first meet him and learn of his background.  He's a Redguard, raised by a friend of his mother. Alistair Gwenwynig was a good man, a Breton, who had been a scout for the Daggerfall Covenant along with Kheldor's mother.  He took Kheldor in at a very young age after person or persons unknown murdered Khel's mother.  Retired from his position, he tried to live a quiet life but for reasons as yet unknown, eventually he became a target as well, and so he took Khel and ran to Skyrim.  Alistair formally adopted Kheldor in order to attract less attention to themselves about this time, and took to training Kheldor, a young teenager by now, in the ways of scouting, infiltration and stealth.  After a quiet few years in Solitude, Alistair was found dead, a poisoned slash across the abdomen.  Dumbstruck with grief, Kheldor headed further East to Morrowind, not knowing what he was running from but of course, not even knowing it was typical Redguard fashion, promised revenge on those he now knew had killed both his mother and his adopted father.

Khel survived using what he'd been taught to perform various acts of petty larceny to both feed himself and provide a few of the luxuries and temptations no young man should go completely without.  When war broke out across Tamriel, Kheldor, son of Gwenwynig, knew he had no love at all for Hammerfel or Highrock and knew nothing of Orcs, no knowledge at all of the people of the Aldmeri Dominion, so joining the forces of the Ebonheart Pact and employing the skills taught him by Alistair, Khel hoped to start a new life, with the camaraderie of his fellows filling in the holes in his life.

During his time attached to the Redoran Rangers scout company, they were held over in the Rift.  With nothing to do while the blizzard raged, Kheldor kept running into a big Nord dragon knight in the tavern.  After several days of friendly drinking together, Kheldor found himself very ill and decided to rest rather than drink.  The night of the second day of his illness, Kaserin came to visit him, and after some small talk, Kaserin looked Khel in the eyes and told him why he was sick.  There was a reason Kheldor lost every drinking contest.  Kaserin didn't drink alcohol.  However, he did drink something else.  Blood.  After a hard night of Khel drinking himself into a stupor and Kaserin aiding him back to his company longhouse, Kaserin, having seen something in Khel, had bit him.  Kheldor was stricken with the vampire disease, but because Kaserin had grown to like him, he was telling Kheldor so that he could make a choice:  see a priest of Arkay and be healed or accept Kaserin as his sire and begin the unlife of a vampire.  Kaserin told him this was almost never done, and if Khel had any plans to contact the authorities he would have no choice but to kill him, but in the short while he had known Khel, he believed either way he could take him at his word, whatever his choice.

Feverish but somehow calm, Kheldor thought it over, contemplating the truths that Kaserin had revealed.  Much of what Kheldor had heard of vampires was skewed, distorted or downright wrong...but some things about them the common people couldn't even fathom.  He finally decided that nothing much really had to change in his life because he would still do what he wanted, which was aiding the Ebonheart Pact in taking hold of the Empire, and if he became a vampire, he would be even better at it than he already was.  He would see where his new unlife took him after that.  Kheldor didn't think far enough ahead to consider a future with a wife or children or of the many things he might be giving up.  Kaserin told him that he would belong to a large close-knit clan of vampires, House Annunaki, his new family.  Kheldor would have a lot to learn of being a stalker of the night, and it would be some time before Kheldor would be strong enough to even consider passing on this dark gift, but, as long as he didn't play with scamps or in fire pits, he had all the time in the world to learn these things.  He told Kaserin he agreed, and Kaserin revealed that Kheldor would be the first of his line, as Kaserin had never chosen to sire anyone before. 

Kheldor took pride in this, and as the sun went down and the sliver of Masser became clear in the night sky, Kaserin showed him the way to a hidden altar in the forest to the North of Riften, where Kheldor would undergo the ritual involved in becoming not just any cave trash vampire, but a Child of Lamae, and he would meet the Blood Matron herself, should Khel prove strong enough to earn the privelege.  He was indeed strong enough, and Kheldor's future history now remains to be written with a decidedly bloody quill.  /END

My account name is @Gungnir.  While Khel is my highest level character and my only vampire at the moment, I have a severe case of alt-itis and will play whatever I feel like at the moment.  I also have one werewolf.  I left the game due to the patch a couple of weeks after launch that totally fubar'd a range of ATI graphics cards, killing the driver as soon as launcher launched, and forcing a hard boot.  It was rough, as my friends and family were able to play and me, I'M THE ELDER SCROLLS FAN/NERD, and I had to eventually cancel my sub after nearly a month with no aid in sight to fix the problem.  Fast forward almost a year, ESO is Free to Play now, so I patch it up and ....the problem is STILL there.  However, some intrepid geniuses outside of Zenimax figured out how to fix it. So, here I am :)

I've been gaming for a very long time, all the way back to CGA graphics adapters with only 4 colors, and light speed was my Commodore 8088 without an actual hard drive (bought it at a PX in Germany).  I've played most of the major mmos out there, but the notable ones I didn't play were Everquest (didn't want to be forced to group), and WoW because Blizzard pissed me off during beta.  However, both my wife and I got in to beta 1 (she first .../gag she had to get me into it) of Dark Age of Camelot.  My wife was the Team Leader (TL) of the Healer class in Midgard, and I was the Team Leader for the entire Realm of Midgard for both pve and rvr.  I actually have spoken to Matt Firor on the phone, as he was the Executive Producer of DAOC for Mythic.  I became his unofficial (read: unpaid) Norse Lore consultant, as I proved to him that his people that researched a few aspects of Norse lore incorrectly, thus putting me to work with the Midgard World Developer helping to write quests.  For all of you who remember the Realm Ranks for RvR in Midgard, yeah, that was me.  I got an email at about 10:00 at night from Matt telling me he needed 10 Realm Ranks for Midgard for a meeting in the morning.  I got'r done :)  (note - only RR 1-10, 11-13 weren't mine, they came later). 

Because of both my wife's work (my wife was the Best TL Matt ever had according to him) and my own, she wrote a guide for the Healer, and I wrote guides for the Skald, Berserker and RvR that made up the original Prima Guide for Dark Age of Camelot.  We both got our names in the game manual and the original game credits and even though EA bought Mythic, we have our accounts free forever because of the work we did.  The fact that Matt is the boss for ESO always gave me great hope and still does, because the man is good at what he does and as passionate about gaming as any of us.

Anyway, there you go :)  Wall of text just so you can sit and wonder "who the heck is this guy again???"  :) 

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