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re: Rite Of The Scion


For information regarding attending this Guild Event please scroll down, the first section of this explains the actual event and what takes place, section two explains how you can be a part of it.

Section 1:

The Rite OF Scion:
A mortal is presented to the Blood Matron by a Scion. The mortal shall take the name Initiate, and the Scion shall take the name of Bloodspeaker.

The Bloodspeaker prepares symbols of Arkay and Molag Bal.

The Initiate drinks from the basin of suffering and the basin of loss and learns the history of Lamae Bal.

Then, the Initiate profanes the symbols. By reciting the Rite Of Scion

Initiate submits to the Blood Matron and is ex-sanguinated completely.

The Blood Matron revives the Initiate with her own blood.

All in attendance will then recite the Right Of Scion:
Arkay the Forsaker, we curse you. You left us to suffer in darkness.
But we survived. And in darkness, we grew.
Now, we feed upon your followers. We will use their stolen strength to conquer and consume you.
Molag Bal, Father of Torment, we curse you. You sought to poison us with your blood.
But we survived. And from your poison, we grew.
King of Corruption, your children are coming. We will defile and destroy you.
We step away from the light. We sacrifice the frailty of breath.
From the dead blood of our Mother, we live unburdened. Her curse is our blessing. Her fury, our grace.

Your Robes for the event need to be Level 1 Homespun Robes in the Daedric Style they should be dyed using Cold Harbor Ash Black, and Red Diamond Red.

If you dont have these colors you can use Vampire Black, and Fighters Guild Red (or any red you have available)
Base Color is the Black with Red Highlights.


Click the following link to watch the very first ever Rite Of Scion! (Warning Strong Language)

Section 2:
The Rite Of Scion is a Guild Event we hold once a month on the first Sunday of the month in order to bring members officially into the guild. It is a fun RP event that allows members to become a Scion in the guild and ties into the guilds purpose, and back story. You DO NOT have to attend the entire event. The event is scheduled in such a way that you attend one of the Rites and from there you have completed. We run it as an all day event just to try and fit it into as many peoples schedule as possible.

The event takes place at our Guild Hall. (See Guild Tab in game for how to visit the guild hall).

To attend you must meet the following requirements:
1. Be a Vampire - No Humans are permitted
2. Have a set of Ritual Robes (see Section 1 for Ritual Robe information)
3. Be a member of the guild at least one week

These are the only requirements.

1. What if I don't like to role play? Then you do not have to attend. But consider the consequences. Only those who have graduated to the rank of Scion have the opportunity to be a full member of the guild with all guild privileges (Guild Bank Access, Officer Opportunities). The event takes less then an hour, and we really feel it builds a solid relationship with the guild. Besides all you really need to do is stand there and type a phrase or two. LOL Try it, you might like it.

2. What if I don't have robes? You can get robes in one of three ways. You can buy them from the guild store (2 gold total to buy a hat and a robe), You can make them yourself, or you can deposit the materials in the guild bank and we can make them for you. 

3. What color do I dye my robes? Please see Section 1 one above.

4. What if I cant attend on the date specified? We hold these events on the first Sunday of every month. If you cant make this one, make arrangements to attend the following one. 

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