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Lord Vingalmo

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re: New Guy, looking for Vampire homies to terrorize with >:)


 Hello hello hello Ladies and Gentlemen, one and all, My name is Lord Vingalmo.

It is my pleasure to have been accepted into the House Annunaki ranks. Before I say a little something about myself I wanted to say how interesting I find the word "Annunaki", quite a special meaning behind that term in the real world.

Whoever picked the name probably knows a thing or two about the Annunaki. I like it 

Lord Vingalmo is a character I made in The Elder Scrolls Online based off "Vingalmo" the High Elf vampire in the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Expansion "Dawnguard". He can be found inside Castle Volkihar. I tried my best to model Lord Vingalmo after Vingalmo from Skyrim. Seeing as TESO is set in the past playing as Lord Vingalmo is lore friendly as being a vampire im practically immortal and playing smart Lord Vingalmo would certainly stay alive until the times of Skyrim where he is accepted into Castle Volkihar.


Some might wonder how Lord Vingalmo being an Altmer was accepted into the Ebonheart Pact? I shall elaborate. Lord Vingalmo was indeed part of the Aldmeri Dominion in his earlier trials & tribulations but was deported out of the Dominion into Morrowind. Lord Vingalmo had been secretly falling in love with a Dunmer slave from Morrowind that was held captive in the Dominion. Lord Vingalmo over the months of watching his new love being abused felt obliged to stand up for what he felt was right and start freeing the Dunmer slaves in secrecy. One night whilst romancing his lover Lord Vingalmo was discovered by Dominion patrol men and taken into custody for questioning from the Elders. Lord Vingalmo boasted of his efforts to free the Dunmer slaves and stood his ground on what he felt was right, ending up in the Elders coming together on an agreement to banish Lord Vingalmo to Morrowind in hopes that the Dark Elves would show no mercy to him upon arriving in Ebonheart Pact territory. Lord Vingalmo's lover was hung that night and her body burned to ash afterwards so Lord Vingalmo would never be able to see her again. Upon arriving via a prisoners carriage into Morrowind the carriage was attacked by bandits. The bandit marauders killed the transport guards and most of the prisoners, by freak chance Lord Vingalmo was recognized  by one of the bandits who ordered his fellow men to spare Lord Vingalmo for if it was not for him he would of never been set free when he was kept captive as a slave in the Dominion. They gave Lord Vingalmo nothing to help him survive only letting him walk away a free man. From there the story is being written online as I write this, PLEASE JOIN ME and help write the rest of Lord Vingalmo's story!!!!!

Online ANYBODY in our guild Please ADD ME @O'G 

I'm brand new to the guild so please any veterans who might read this add me up and give me some pointers or just whatever you want but I really want to become a fully involved member of House Annunaki

Cheers everybody. I'll see my kin online hoepfully 


It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything. This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.
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