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re: House Rules and Processes


Edited by @Kuthel (4/11/15): All information in this post remains accurate at this time. It shall remain as originally posted. If any changes occur, this post will be edited or a new post will be placed here for informational purposes.




All recruits and members must abide by the following guidelines. Please read them THOROUGHLY and be sure to understand them. This is a very large guild with many members. The GM and Officers have a ZERO tolerance policy for breaking the rules. If you break one of the rules below you will receive a 30 day ban from all guild activities and TeamSpeak, Next time will result in a GKick from the guild.

You must be 18 years or older to join this guild. If you are easily offended by harsh language, & adult subject matter I would advise you think long and hard about joining this guild. While we are a very serious guild, we do not feel that censorship or keeping people from having fun and talking about anything they like should be stopped cause you are too politically correct to "Get the joke" Their are high levels of picking on each other playfully in this guild, and it is a very fun environment as long as you are not offended easily.



2. All members of the house shall act with the utmost respect toward other members.

3. All members who are inactive for a period longer then 90 days shall be removed.

3. All members must be Vampires or those wanting to be turned.

4. All Vampires must be willing to give guild members vampire bites at no charge and give them top priority.

5. If you plan on trying to sell a bite to "recoup" your money from your bite. It IS NOT permitted. The reason for this is because if we continue to feed the market we will never stop the bite sellers. If you feel the need to sell, then we recommend you come back after you have made your money back.

6. You will be REQUIRED to install Add Ons to be a part of this guild.

7.You are REQUIRED to interact and attend guild events.

8.You are REQUIRED to keep an eye on guild chat.

9.You are REQUIRED to keep an eye on the guild calendar.

10. You are REQUIRED to comply with ALL of these rules and regulations.


Recruiting - You may recruit but not invite. Anyone wanting to join must FIRST register on our website.

Guild Bank - Only Officers can remove items from the bank, if you need something ask and officer and we will get it for you.

Guild Store - PRICES ARE TO BE KEPT LOW AND REASONABLE! If you want to "make money" find a trade guild.

Bites: All members who want to be bitten MUST be a member a minimum of 2 weeks. Be registered on this website, and be interactive.

Consideration: In order to be considered to be turned you must be active in the guild in as many aspects as possible. Some ways are as follows:

1. Helping fellow guild members
2. Participating socially in chat, on our forums and on TeamSpeak
3. Guild Contributions in any style of crafting
4. Dungeons, Raids, PVP
5. Buying and Selling on the Guild Store
6. Building Guild resources in the guild bank

In addition their are 2 other factors that will affect WHEN you will be bitten. 1. Player level - Higher level players (Level 35+) will be turned first due to the difficulty of the quest you must complete in order to become a vampire. If we give it to a low level player and they can not complete the quest, then we have wasted a rotation. In addition to that Vampirism level with normal XP gain, so higher level players will be able to reach Rank 6 faster in order to be able to turn members.

2. When you are online. We can only distribute bite to those members that are online when the bite is available. We want to distribute when they are immediately available so that we can turn as many people as quickly as possible. If you get skipped in the rotation for not being online, don't worry you will be put back in the queue for the next available bite.

If you are below level 35 your priority on the list will be lower then lets say someone higher level, in addition if someone higher priority is not online when a bite becomes available it will be given to the next person in line.

Some things to keep in mind as to why we have moved to this method.

Players of a higher level will be able to get to Rank 6 Vampirism faster then a low level character. If a V1 is bitten he can turn that bite over in a few hours of questing and grinding giving us additional bites and the ability to turn people faster. Those below level 35 can take anywhere from 4 to 7 days to gain enough experience to get to Rank 6 Vampirism.

Ranking up Vampirism is solely based on the amount of experience you gain, putting abilities on your bar and using them will NOT speed up the process. You will need the following amounts of Experience to level your Vampirism:

Rank 1 - 2= 80,000xp
Rank 2 - 3= 90,000xp
Rank 3 - 4= 100,000xp
Rank 4 - 5= 110,000xp
Rank 5 - 6= 120,000xp

At levels below 35 you are receiving anywhere from 50to 300xp per quest you complete, at VR1 you are getting anywhere from 1000 to 2500 experience per quest. So you can see how much of a difference being a higher level can make when trying to get us as many bites as possible as quickly as possible.

We DO NOT allow people to ask for bites in chat. If you ask for a bite in chat then you will be moved to the end of the line.

If you have any question please contact @Kuthel (Elemina Constantine)


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