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Welcome To House Annunaki
House Annunaki - The First and Largest All Vampire Guild in ESO!

House Annunaki is a Vampire Only Guild in the world of Tamriel on ESO. Our focus is fun and exciting game play with a bit of RP fun. We were a VAMPIRES ONLY GUILD part of the Ebonheart Pact. We encourage members to interact, share stories, help one another, and have fun!

We recieved such a large following that at the peak of ESO's popularity we had over 1000 ACTIVE members, had a feature in PC Gamer Magazine (April 2014), as well as held the first "Player Hosted World Event" in Elder Scrolls Online. We were a large community of friends and like minded people who came together haphazardly in the land of ESO.

Below is a link to our feature on PC Gamer:
If you wish to apply for the guild please see the link on the left to fill out an apllication
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@Kuthel / Lamae - The Dark Mother
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