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HA is no longer playing ESO
The largest and first all Vampire Guild an ESO unfortnally has fallen to the Game Devs. As a group we decided to leave ESO in search of greener pastures. Some emebers moves to WoW, Archage, Rift, GuildWars, Planetside, and even EVE. But we do have a Multi-server teamspeak up so we can all stan in touch. Please see the forum for more information about the guild TeamSpeak.
We enjoyed our time in ESO before the Dev's destroyed the game. Its truly unfortunate that such a great game was destroyed by the non MMO faithful bitching at the Dev's, and the Dev's being forced to their will.
Please join us on our guild wide TeamSpeak :)
HA still exists in some other games. So please if you are already a member please feel free to pop in sand say hello

How we got our start.........
House Annunaki was a Vampire Only House in the world of Tamriel on ESO. Our focus is fun and exciting game play with a bit of RP fun. We were a VAMPIRES ONLY GUILD part of the Ebonheart Pact.

We recieved such a large following that at the peak of ESO's popularity we had over 1000 ACTIVE members, had a feature in PC Gamer Magazine (April 2014), as well as threw the first "Player Held Event" in Elder Scrolls Online. We were a large community of friends and like minded people who came together haphazardly in the lasd of ESO.

As interest in ESO dwindled, and the game itself started to change. Most of us moved to other MMOs / Games but we wanted to keep in touch. We turned HA into a Multi-Game guild where any of our members could come and game tofether in any other game they wanted. We have multiple rooms in our TeamSpeak server for everyone to enjoy just about any game out there. 
Below is a link to our feature on PC Gamer:
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